Fa2007Syllabus - Fall 2007 Syllabus EE 101 Introduction to...

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Fall 2007 Syllabus EE 101 Redekopp Introduction to Digital Logic Abstract: This course introduces digital logic design basics which are fundamental to all computers and other digital hardware. Number systems, Boolean algebra, and analysis and design of combinational and sequential circuits are covered. Practical design techniques along with theory and principles will be taught. Focus will be put on paper-pencil design techniques as opposed to computer aided design (which is covered in future courses). Instructor Info: Instructor: Office: Mark Redekopp EEB 222 Office Hours: M,W: 9:30 – 11:30, 2-3 T,Th: 11-12 F: by appt. E-mail: redekopp@usc.edu Office Phone: (213) 740-6006 TA’s and Grader Info: TA: Jesse Theiss Edward To Damoon Moazen Grader: Vahidreza Arbab Jayburt Tsang Alana Fitz Office: EEB 106 Office: EEB 106 Office Hours: Theiss: 3-5 W To: 5-7 M Moazen: 5:30-6:30 T/Th (EEB 314) Office Hours: By appt. E-mail: edwardto@usc.edu jtheiss@usc.edu moazen@usc.edu E-mail: varbab@usc.edu jtsang@usc.edu afitz@usc.edu Course Materials and Info: URL (Blackboard): http://blackboard.usc.edu (use your e-mail username and password) Class Notes (Required): Available at the Bookstore Textbook (Recommended): “Fundamentals of Digital Logic w/ Verilog Design” 2nd Ed. by Brown & Vranesic (ISBN: 9780077211646) “Digital Design Principles and Practices” 4 th Edition, by J.F. Wakerly (ISBN: 0131733494) Grading Policy: Homework 16% (lowest HW thrown out) 3 Quizzes 27% Midterm 25% Final Exam 30% Office visit 2% Homeworks : Homeworks are your key to learning . Only by doing problems on your own will you develop the logic skills and understanding to perform well on exams. Experience has shown that those who did the work on their own, asking
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This note was uploaded on 12/02/2009 for the course EE 101 taught by Professor Redekopp during the Fall '06 term at USC.

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Fa2007Syllabus - Fall 2007 Syllabus EE 101 Introduction to...

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