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University of Southern California MASC 110L Problem Set #6 E. Goo Do the following problems from Brown and Holme 1. 8.13 2. 8.17 3. 8.18 22.59 g/cm 3 4. 8.19 5. 8.21 6. 8.38 3 x 10 13 7. 8.48 The predominant IM forces in each species are: a) dipole-dipole, b) London forces, c) H-bonding, d) dipole-dipole, e) London forces, f) H-bonding 8. 8.60 The highest vapor pressure should be the first to boil. That being the case “S”
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Unformatted text preview: should boil first. It will be followed by “Q” and then “R”. 9. 8.62 C 22 H 46 < C 10 H 22 < C 7 H 16 < C 2 H 6 < CH 4 10. 8.70 The structure of these polymers is much better defined than that of an atactic polymer. This means that the physical properties of the isotactic and syndiotactic polymers are better known and these provide reactions that are more predictable and controllable....
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