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Ch 33 ^ 34

Ch 33 ^ 34 - 0 1 2 3 4 Chapter 33 and 34 Know the major...

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Chapter 33 and 34 0. Know the major homologies of annelids and differences among classes 1. Know the major advances of arthropods and differences among sub- phyla 2. Know major homologies of echinoderms and differences among classes 3. Understand differences among chordate subphyla 4. Know major characteristics of vertebrate classes Annelid Characters o Segmentation of body (one set of organs per segment) o Closed circulatory system with capillary beds for respiration, digestion and muscles o Kidney is metanephridium (opening from coelom to outside) o Each segment has pair of setae (claws) o NS is ventral nerve cord with circumesophageal ring and anterior ganglia Evolved from free living polychaetes -> oligochaetes -> leeches Table 33.4 Figure 33.23 Figure 33.24 Figure 33.25 Ecdysozoa Phylum Nematoda 5. Nonsegmented pseudocoelomates 6. No circulatory system or circular smooth muscle, poor swimmers 7. Free living or parasitic on plants or animals (trichinosis, elephantiasis) 8. Hard, protective cuticle is shed during growth Ecdysozoa Phylum Arthropoda 9. jointed legs 10. exoskeleton of chitin for efficient muscles (don’t bend around joints) 11. Frees coelom for use as hemocoel (open circulatory system) 12. Exoskeleton must be shed during growth 13.Segments fused to form tagmata Figure 33.28 Subphylum Chelicerata 2 Tagmata (Cephalothorax and abdomen)
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Four pairs of walking legs Chelicera and pedipalps are legs modified for feeding Includes horshoe crabs, arachnids (spiders, ticks and scorpions) Subphylum Crustacea – aquatic mandibulates 14. Mandibles and maxillae are legs modified for feeding
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Ch 33 ^ 34 - 0 1 2 3 4 Chapter 33 and 34 Know the major...

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