Kade Syllabus Chem 1CL 2009

Kade Syllabus Chem 1CL 2009 - CHEM 1CL SUMMER 2009 TA:...

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CHEM 1CL SYLLABUS SUMMER 2009 OFFICE HOURS: TBD TA: Matthew Kade Email: mkade@mrl.ucsb.edu Lab Sections: Monday 1-5 PM, PSBN 2638 Text/Materials: Bring the following to lab every week. General Chemistry Laboratory Manual Laboratory Notebook – duplicate pages, quad-ruled (you can keep using the lab notebook from last quarter) Safety goggles or safety glasses – worn at all times in lab (-2 pts on quiz without) Lab Coat or leg covering (long shorts are permitted) Closed Toed Shoes Please write your name in your lab manual, your lab notebook and on your calculator. It is absolutely mandatory that you dress appropriately for lab. Long hair must be pulled back. Loose baggy clothing is not allowed. Shirts must cover your midsection. ATTENDANCE/ ABSENCE: It is imperative that you attend every lab. No make-up labs will be given and failure to show up will result in a zero for that week’s lab. Excusable absences (emergencies only) will have to be discussed with the TA at least one day before the scheduled lab. In cases where your attendance is required at a University-sponsored event (field trips, sports, etc.), you can attend another TA’s section during a given week. Prior arrangements must be made , and a letter from your professor or coach must verify your required absence on the day of the scheduled lab section. The TA must sign your lab notebook at the end of the lab make-up. The TA will grade your make-up quiz, indicate the class average on the quiz, and give it to your lab TA. Two missed labs will require you to drop the course except under EXTREME circumstances. (See Class Policies; page vi – vii of the lab manual). LABORATORY REPORTS:
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This note was uploaded on 12/02/2009 for the course CHEM chem1C taught by Professor O'dea during the Spring '09 term at UCSB.

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Kade Syllabus Chem 1CL 2009 - CHEM 1CL SUMMER 2009 TA:...

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