Lab 7 - Lab Report 7 3-Digit Counter and Display Joseph...

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Lab Report 7: 3-Digit Counter and Display Joseph Marcus (8679987) Tuesdays 5-7:50
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Introduction and Objective: This lab basically brings together all the skills that have been acquired in the previous labs in order to build a simple tachometer circuit that measures the speed of a fan. A 7- segment LED and decoder circuits, combined with 3-digit BCD counters and timing circuits are used. The pair of an LED and a phototransistor is used to create a chopper circuit to measure a fan’s speed. Experimental Procedure and Data: 7.1 7-Segment Displays and Drivers 3-digit display Essentially this part of the lab was meant to discover the functionality of the 7-segment display until its operation was verified. A 5V supply and a 330 resistor was used and the circuit displayed the number 777. BCD-7-segment Decoder To show each number, a different combination of pins needs to be activated. This can be accomplished by using a decoder circuit, which can translate binary numbers into the appropriate logic levels on each of the segments of the display. After changing the
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Lab 7 - Lab Report 7 3-Digit Counter and Display Joseph...

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