Waltz - of the country and led Germany into war. His...

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Colton Christensen T.A: Geissler. Wed. 2-2:50 October 6, 2008 Waltz says (pg 44) that “the recurrence of war is explained by the structure of the international system.” What types of evidence might falsify his claim? Although Waltz is able to attribute the times of war to the naturally competitive nature of the international platform, one major falsifying aspect is long-lasting and growing times of peace and continually increasing international cooperation. Waltz’s ideology puts the competitive desire for national power at the basis of national and state legislations. Waltz attributes war to the current state of international anarchy. However, war is not solely based on competition. For example, during World War II, Adolf Hitler rose to power and led the Germans into the war out of his lust for power and greed for a dominant Germany. He quickly made his way up the ranks after being placed in prison and out of his own desire for power, he worked his way to the head
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Unformatted text preview: of the country and led Germany into war. His actions were not consequences of state pressure or national competition, but his own self desires and his own personal desire for power. Any individual that made Hitler believe he or she was a threat was immediately terminated, eliminating any forms of pressure from government officials. Waltz does pose a good argument, and in many cases, wars have been started because of national insecurity and a competitive drive on an international level. However, this does not hold true for every case and is not a way of describing the cause of war. Each case must be seen from an individual standpoint and analyze based on facts independent of each distinct situation. In the case of Nazi Germany during World War II, Adolf Hitler rose to power based on individual gain rather than pressure of any type and is therefore contradictory of Waltzs argument. Therefore, this is a falsifying situation that proves Waltz incorrect....
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Waltz - of the country and led Germany into war. His...

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