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Joseph Marcus Discussion Exp. 8 December 6, 2007 The purpose of this lab is to use acid-base titration as a method to determine the percent acetic acid in vinegar and to determine the neutralization capacity of antacid tablets. Also, the purpose is to learn the technique of standardizing a solution. In a neutralization reaction, moles of H+ should equal moles of OH-. In this experiment, the students will calculate the moles of H + initially in a given volume of acid. This will give the amount of NaOH needed to neutralize the acid and is different for different reactions. From here the moles of the NaOH can be calculated and thus the volume of NaOH can be calculated from the moles divided by the molarity. In Part 2 of this experiment, a sample of NaOH is used to neutralize the acid CH 3 COOH in vinegar with the use of an indicator. The volume of NaOH used is measured once the acid becomes neutral, and since the molarity of NaOH is known, the moles of NaOH can be found. The moles of CH 3
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