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DiscussionExp 6

DiscussionExp 6 - Joseph Marcus Chem 1AL Exp 6 Discussion...

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Joseph Marcus Chem 1AL Exp 6 Discussion November 15, 2007 The goal of this experiment is to determine an unknown concentration of ions in a solution using a spectrophotometer. The goal is also to determine the equilibrium constant of this reaction at a given temperature. In this experiment, a spectrophotometer used to measure the equilibrium concentration of the product, Fe(SCN). We will use a spectrophotometer to measure the absorbance of light of a known compound. We will then use that absorbance and create a graph of absorbance vs. concentration. The slope of this graph will be used to calculate the concentration and the concentration is then used to calculate the K value for that particular case. Part 1 The spectrophotometer is used to measure the amount of light absorbed at a given wavelength. In this experiment, we used the reaction Fe + SCN FeSCN. We calculated the molarity of FeSCN for different volumes of it in the same volume of solution. We then were able to measure the absorption using a machine. We then measured the
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