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AMS 102 Syllabus: TIME: Tuesday, Thursday 9:50 - 11:10 AM section 1, or 11:20 - 12:40 PM section 2. PLACE: Light Engineering 102 TEXT: Interactive Statistics, Stony Brook custom edition by Martha Aliaga and Brenda Gunderson, 2 nd or 3 rd edition. (The latest 4 th edition is taken from the 3 rd and is certainly acceptable.) INSTRUCTOR: Bakoo Hagedorn OFFICE HOURS: Please see Staff Information on blackboard for all office hours E-MAIL: TEACHING ASSISTANTS will be holding 2 office hours per week in Harriman 010 (basement). Their office hours will be posted as soon as they become available under “Staff Information” under Blackboard. You are encouraged to attend the office hours as soon as you feel the need for help. Your TAs can help you to understand the notes taken in class, as well as provide guidance with the homework assignments. EXAMINATIONS : There will be 2 examinations given in class, and a Final exam during final’s week. Make-up examinations will not be given unless there is a doctor's note. You must have a Calculator, identification, pen, pencil. A 3” x 5” index card (both sides) with formulas will be allowed for all but the first examination. You will NOT be permitted use of your cell phone as a calculator during the examinations. You will not be able to share a calculator with a fellow student during the examinations. Tentative
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ams102syllabusfall09 - TIME: PLACE: TEXT: INSTRUCTOR:...

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