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Chapter 1 American History

Chapter 1 American History - Chapter 1 American History...

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Chapter 1 American Histor y Land Bridge: Bering Isthmus; used for the past 250 centuries for travel to America Maize: Indian corn; fed 20 million people in Mexico alone Cahokia: the Mississippi settlement near present day East St. Louis homes to 25,000 Iroquois Confederacy: northern woodlands 1500s created great nation-states similar to Mexico and Peru and developed robust military alliances. Vinland: Norse seafarers from Scandinavia land in present day Newfoundland rich is wild grapes (vines). It is a weak nation-state so Scandinavians leave Crusades: crusaders sought to wrest the Holy land from Muslim control (taste for Asia). Marco Polo: Italian adventurer returned to Europe in 1925 and told tales of journey to China (25 yrs).. It stimulated European desires to discover the new world. Caravels: 1450; Portuguese invent ship that could sail closely to the northerly wind. Mali: West African kingdom in the Niger River valley with Islamic university at Timbuktu. the Sahara Desert acts as a barrier to it.
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