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B300 Fall 2009 Study Guide #2 Here is the study guide for Exam 2. You are also responsible for your class notes. Chapter 11 - Genes: Structure, Replication, and Mutation 1) Understand how Griffith experiment, Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty experiment, and the Hershey-Chase experiment provided evidence that DNA is the genetic material 2) Nucleic Acid Structure-Section 11.3 a)Know the difference (chemical and functional) between DNA and RNA. b) Understand how DNA is organized in cells 3) DNA replication – section 11.4 a)Understand how DNA replication is different in prokaryotes and eukaryotes b) Understand the different molecules involved in DNA replication (helicase (DnaB), gyrase, (single stranded binding proteins) SSBs, RNA primers, Ribonuclease H, DNA primase, DNA polymerase III, DNA polymerase I etc.) c)Understand that since DNA must be synthesized in the 5’-3’ direction, the lagging strand had DNA synthesized differently, producing Okazaki fragments as promoted by RNA primers. Also understand that RNA can not be part of the final DNA product, so it must be removes, and gaps are filled in my ligases. 4) Gene structure - section 11.5 a)understand how a typical bacterial gene is organized (specifically understand the function of the following: cistron, promoter, leader sequence and coding region). b) understand that DNA contains genes for tRNA and rRNA. These RNAs are transcription products and are involved in translation. 5) Transcription-section 11.6 a)Know the steps in transcriptions and what happens in initiation, elongation, and termination. What are transcription factors (TFs)? b)
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Micro-studyguide-exam2-2009 - B300 Fall 2009 Study Guide #2...

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