Lab 7 - KIN 315 Motor Learning Fall 2009 Name Lab 7...

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KIN 315 Motor Learning Fall 2009 Name Lab 7 Assessing Learning: The Contextual Interference Effect Introduction Purpose: To demonstrate the difference between temporary and more permanent effects of practice. The more permanent effects are the basis for inferring the effects of practice conditions on learning. Task and Equipment Needed The task is a bean-bag tossing accuracy task that requires a person to toss a beanbag to land on a target placed on the floor from three different distances. The goal is to hit the target so the beanbag stops in the center of the target. Equipment: • beanbags • targets with six concentric circles Procedures Organize the lab participants into groups of two or three: a Blocked Practice participant, a Random Practice participant, and (if 3) a scorer. Tape the target for each group flat on the floor. All groups will practice tossing beanbags at three criterion distances: Task A = 5 feet; Task B = 9 feet; Task C = 13 feet. To change distances, the thrower moves to a different throwing point. Each toss is scored as the highest numbered circle the bean-bag is touching when it stops. The two practice conditions differ in the order in which the 12 practice trials for each of the three Tasks are performed. The Blocked Practice Participant in each group does a series of 12 trials in a row for each task in the order specified below. In order to counterbalance for an effect on the results from the order of tasks practiced, each of the Blocked Practice participants should practice these tasks in a different order: Group 1: A, B, C Group 2: C, B, A
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Lab 7 - KIN 315 Motor Learning Fall 2009 Name Lab 7...

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