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module 4 psych - Behavior Students who receive training in...

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FOR EXAMPLE The number of children who are caring for their parents in the child’s own home has increased over the past 10 years. How have many adults adjusted to the responsibility of caring for their aged parents? Adult Care There is a positive relationship between drug abuse among adults and the physical and psychological abuse they experienced as children. Is drug abuse related to child abuse? Drug Abuse and Child Abuse Adolescent boys buy more of the products advertised on television than do adolescent girls. How does watching television commercials affect the buying behavior of adolescents? Television and Consumer
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Unformatted text preview: Behavior Students who receive training in the “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” method will score higher on the SAT than students who do not receive such training. Will students who know how to “take” a test improve their scores? Test-Taking Skills and Grades Children who are taught reading in open classroom settings will read at a higher grade level than children who are taught reading in a traditional setting. What is the effect of open versus traditional classrooms on reading level? Open Classroom and Academic Success Research Hypothesis Research Problem or Questions Research Interest or Ideas...
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