Darwin History

Darwin History - 9/29/09 For students that have midterm...

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9/29/09 1 For students that have midterm conflicts with other courses on October 28 8 – 9:20 PM : I have decided that I will extend the midterm time for one extra hour. You may start our midterm late and stay until 10:20 PM. This option will only be available for students that have other midterms that conflict with our midterm on the evening of October 28. To qualify for this option, you must give me a copy of your schedule documenting this conflict by Monday (October 5) 9 AM . We do check IDs at the exam, again this option will only be available for those who “sign up.” Register your clicker *Go to: http://www.iclicker.com/dnn/ . Click on “Register Your i>Clicker”. Follow the instructions. *The ID number for your clicker is on the back underneath the bar code. Note, the i>clicker IDs may have zeros, but will not include the letter “O”. *Please use your USERNAME (User ID on WebCT) as your student ID. This is the 1 st part of your UCSD email address. (Please note – this is not your PID.) Please use same first and last name in your i>clicker registration as on WebCT *In order to ensure your clicker is working properly, please register as soon as possible. *To receive any clicker credit for the quarter you must register before lecture on Tuesday Oct 13 . Every student in this course must have their own i>clicker to receive clicker credit. If your clicker’s ID is rubbed off – problem Come to my office hours to recover clicker ID Batteries Clickers require 3 AAA batteries. A flashing red “low battery” light – 10 hrs left. There are instructions on the back of the clicker on how to change batteries. Turn it on Turn your clicker on with the bottom button Answering questions I will ask questions, and you will respond by pushing buttons A – E. There will be a timer on the screen – you can only vote when timer is running Vote Status light solid green - answer has been received Vote Status light flashing red – answer not received While the timer is going, you can change your answer as many times as you want. Just press a different button. 1) What year at UCSD are you? a. Freshman b. Sophomore c. Junior d. Senior e. Other
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9/29/09 2 Clicker grading If you answer: you will receive: > 80% of clicker questions 100 pts > 60% of clicker questions 90 pts > 40% of clicker questions 70 pts > 20% of clicker questions 50 pts You get full credit for every clicker question you answer, regardless if it is correct or incorrect. It is your responsibility to have your clicker with you at lecture and to make sure it is working properly. There will be no make-up opportunities for clicker questions, for any reason, nor can you get clicker credit for handing in questions on paper, etc. Lost clickers
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Darwin History - 9/29/09 For students that have midterm...

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