Lecture 14 History of EARTH

Lecture 14 History of EARTH - Resin fossils Compression...

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1 Lecture 14 History of Life on Earth Reading Ch 25 What is wrong with this picture? a. Humans and dinosaurs never coexisted b. Dinosaurs died out long before one million years ago c. There were no humans one million years ago d. All of the above Overview I. Fossils II. Geologic time scale III. Extinctions IV. Dating V. Fossil record I. Fossils fossil - any trace of organisms that lived in the past form in sedimentary rock Permineralized fossils Trace fossils
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Unformatted text preview: Resin fossils Compression fossils Cast fossils Intact fossils Not all organisms become fossils. What conditions/organisms would increase the chance that an organism turns into a fossil and ends up in a museum? a) mudflats with low O 2 b) dry habitats such as grasslands or deserts c) Being really, really old d) Soft- bodied organisms e) Rare organisms Limitations of the fossil record a) Habitat bias b) Taxonomic bias c) Temporal bias d) Abundance bias...
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