Chapter 35 - Roots and Mineral Nutrition

Chapter 35 - Roots and Mineral Nutrition - James Truong...

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James Truong 1 Chapter 35 – Roots and Mineral Nutrition Roots are for anchoring, absorption, storage, and synthesize hormones Taproot system o Has one main root formed from the radical (embryonic root) from which many lateral roots extend o Good for storage and eating Carrots and other underground vegetables Fibrous Root System o Has many adventitious (come from the stem) roots of same size, developing from end of stem o Lateral roots branch from adventitious roots o Original radical in fibrous died; fibrous roots come off of stem o More surface area, anchoring and absorbing nutrients Root system is about the same size as the shoot system Primary roots – original root, goes straight down o Tissues Epidermis – single layer of root Ground tissues (cortex, pith) Vascular tissues (xylem and phloem) Monocot: vascular bundles are in a circle o Spaced so that water can get through them Dicot – xylem is in a star, phloem surrounds the star Structures o Root cap Protective layer that covers the root tip Covers delicate root apical meristem May orient so that it grows downward Secretes sugar that provides lubrication o Epidermis – protects the root o Root hairs – short-lived extensions of epidermal cells help absorb water (get from ppt) o Cortex – parenchyma cells, often store starch Amyloplasts – organelles that store starch o Endodermis (not dermal tissue, actually ground tissue) – single layer of rectangular cells Innermost layer of cortex (separate the cortex from the vasculature) Regulates movement of water and minerals into root xylem Casparian strip – rubber band thing that keeps water and dissolved minerals out Subarin – keeps the water out
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Chapter 35 - Roots and Mineral Nutrition - James Truong...

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