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Quiz 1106.6 - 8 Give one example of a neurotransmitter 9...

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BIOL 1006 Quiz #1 1/26/06 Name__________________________________ 1. What structures comprise the central nervous system? 2. What is a dendrite? 3. How are messages passed between neurons? 4. What is myelin? 5. What part of the brain controls basic functions such as respiration? 6. Which part of a neuron is the efferent portion? 7. What is the difference between a neuron and a nerve?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Give one example of a neurotransmitter. 9. What is one effect of stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system? (What happens when the sympathetic NS is active?) 10. What is one way that drugs and toxins can affect the nervous system? (In general terms, how do they have their effect ?)...
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