Typesofprotists protozoanstheanimallikeprotists

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Unformatted text preview: cliffs are the remains of coccolithophores that died and became compressed over millions of years Hagar Qim temple built from foraminiferan­rich limestone TYPES OF PROTISTS TYPES OF PROTISTS • PROTOZOANS:THE ANIMAL LIKE PROTISTS • THE FUNGAL LIKE PROTISTS HETEROTROPHS, MAY MOVE BY PSEUDOPOD,CILIA, OR FLAGELLA EXAMPLES: AMOEBA, PARAMECIUM, TRICHOMONAS,GIARDIA HETEROTROPHS,MAY AGGREGATE TO FORM A SPORE PRODUCING STALK…..EXAMPLES: SLIME MOLDS (PHYSARUM & PLASMODIUM) • THE MANY PLANT LIKE PROTISTS WORLDS AUTOTROPHS, USE AN ASSORTMENT OF PIGMENTS TO CAPTURE THE SUNLIGHT ENERGY…..EXAMPLES:CHLOROPHYTA (GREEN ALGAE), RED ALGAE, BROWN ALGAE, DIATOMS • SOME ARE COMBINATIONS OF MANY EXAMPLE: EUGLENA Amoeboid Protozoans:Animal­like Amoeboid Protozoans:Animal­like • • • • • • Move by means of cytoplasmic streaming and pseudopods Change shape constantly Most are free­living cells that engulf their prey Some are symbionts in animal guts A few are...
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