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CDA 3101 Assignment 2 Due in class on Thursday, Sept. 14 Turn hardcopy in class, stapled, with your name and “CDA 3101 Assignment 2” clearly written on it. Show your work for all problems to get full credit. 1. (5 points) Problem 3.30 (c) from the textbook. 2. (10 points) Problem 3.38 from the textbook. 3. (5 points) Write (in binary) the IEEE 754 single-precision representation of the number 6 5 9 . 4. (3 points) Problem 3.44 (a). 5. Consider an 80-bit extended precision floating point representation that is similar to the IEEE 754 floating point standard and uses 1 bit for the sign, 16 bits for the biased exponent and 63 bits for the fraction (f). Then, write (i) the 80- bit extended precision
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Unformatted text preview: floating point representation in binary and (ii) the corresponding value in base-10 positional (decimal) system of the a. ( 5 points) the smallest positive normalized number b. ( 5 points) the second smallest positive normalized number c. ( 5 points) the largest positive normalized number d. ( 1 points) the smallest negative normalized number e. ( 1 points) the largest negative normalized number f. ( 5 points) the smallest positive denormalized number g. ( 5 points) the second smallest positive denormalized number that can be represented....
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