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CDA 3101 Assignment 5 Due in class on Thursday, Oct. 12 Turn hardcopy in class, stapled, with your name and “CDA 3101 Assignment 5” clearly written on it. For programs, submit a printout with your hardcopy, in class. Also, submit the program for Problem 2 below electronically, via WebCT Assignment Tool. You must use the WebCT Assignment Tool to submit your code; you cannot submit your code using email. 1. (20 points) Problem 2.37 from the textbook.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. (30 points) Implement the recursive function power() given below in the MIPS assembly language. int power(int x, int y) { int ret; if (y == 1) return x; ret = x * Power(x, y-1); return ret; } Also, write a short main function that i. prompts the user to enter the integers x and y ii. calls the power( ) function to compute x y iii. and prints the value returned by the power( ) function Test your program using PCSPIM....
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