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CDA3101 Quiz 1 Name ________________________ Fall 2006 Time: 10 minutes 1. Consider an 8-bit floating point number, with a sign bit s , 4-bit mantissa f , and 3-bit biased exponent. Other than the numbers of bits, the representation is similar to the IEEE 754 standard. a. (4 points) What values do the following bit patterns represent?
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Unformatted text preview: i. 00001000 1/8 ii. 01110000 +infinity iii. 01110001 NaN b. (3 points) Show the bit pattern that represents the value 4.75 10 in the above described representation. 01010011 c. (3 points) What is the largest positive normal number that can be represented? State your result in base-10. 15.5...
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