Lecture_1_synopsis-2 - MIC 140 Bacterial Physiology Lecture 1 Synopsis Introduction to the course Bacterial Physiology I Overview of the mechanics

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MIC 140 Bacterial Physiology 09-25-09 Lecture 1 Synopsis. Introduction to the course: Bacterial Physiology I. Overview of the mechanics of the course. 1. Instructors: Dr. M. Singer and Dr. J. Meeks; Reader: Mr. Matt Doherty 2. Course prerequisites = Bis 101, 102 and 103 (can be concurrent enrollment); Mic 102 is highly recommended. Bacterial (Microbial) Physiology is a highly integrative biological subdiscipline. Students will be expected to integrate material introduced in the prerequisite courses. 3. Textbook: The Physiology and Biochemistry of Prokaryotes , 3 rd edition by David White, 2007. Oxford University Press. Additional material will be presented on handouts and in the Lecture Synopses. 4. Quizzes, Problem Sets and Examinations. Review sessions prior to each examination II. Overview of the course topics 1. Course subject matter is organized in the context of two general themes.
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