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Mic 140 Lectures 28 Synopsis. Oxygen - or lack thereof - regulation of metabolic activity and growth I. Oxygen in biology A. Significant production of oxygen is only by organisms with an oxygenic photosynthetic mechanism (cyanobacteria and chloroplasts), in contrast to those with an anoxygenic photosynthetic mechanism (purple and green bacteria) that do not produce oxygen. B. The presence or absence of oxygen in the growth environment is referred to as oxic (+) and anoxic (-), respectively. C. A metabolic requirement, or not, for oxygen is referred to as aerobic (+) or anaerobic (-), respectively. 1. Oxygenic photosynthesis will make an environment oxic, while a high rate of aerobic respiration will make an environment anoxic. Non-photosynthetic organisms can be obligate aerobes, facultative anaerobes or obligate anaerobes. The most interesting, from a regulatory perspective, are the facultative anaerobes that can metabolize in the presence or absence of oxygen. II.
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lectures_28-o-_synopsis-2009 - Mic 140 Lectures 28...

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