Exercises08-09-04Key - PHIL 1010, CRITICAL THINKING...

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PHIL 1010, CRITICAL THINKING EXERCISES DUE THURS, 9/4 EXERCISES 1.6 (Section 5) A. Reconsider following imaginary discussions. (They were first presented in Exercises 1.5.) Find all the arguments in each discussion and put them into standard form. 1. Jack and Jill Jack: Let’s climb up that beanstalk. Jill: Stupid idea. Jack: Why? Jill: Don't you know that there is a mean giant at the top of the beanstalk? Jack: No way!!! Where did you hear that? Jill: I read about it in a book. Jack: What did it say in the book? Jill: There was some moron named "Jack" who climbed up a beanstalk and came face to face with a giant. The giant went after him and Jack had to scramble down the beanstalk to save his life. Jack: That's a totally different Jack. Jill: Yeah, but it might be the same beanstalk!! Jack: I hadn't thought of that. Let's get out of here!!! There is only one argument in the passage. It is made by Jill. (1) There might be a mean giant at the top of the beanstalk. Tf, (2) We should not climb the beanstalk. 2. Two emergency room physicians, Dr. Diagnosis (Dr. D) and Dr. Misdiagnosis (Dr. M). Dr. M: The patient is having a heart attack. We must immediately open the blocked arteries. Dr. D: Don’t do that. The patient is not having a heart attack. It is simply indigestion. Dr. M: But the patient is having severe chest pain, and there is a history of heart attacks in his family. Dr. D: Indeed. But look closely at the receipt that fell out of his pocket. And then inspect his hands. Dr. M:
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Exercises08-09-04Key - PHIL 1010, CRITICAL THINKING...

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