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A SAMPLE OF AN “A” PAPER Sexual Morality Last Four Numbers of Student ID: 1234 CRN 54321 This essay is a discussion of the "Vatican's Declaration on Some Questions of Sexual Ethics.” This article can be found in The Pope Speaks (vol. 21, no. 1., 1976). While this essay is interesting and very clearly written, after one has analyzed the Vatican declaration, it becomes clear that the arguments presented are weak. The Vatican's Declaration was issued by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and approved by Pope Paul VI. In the Vatican declaration, traditional Roman Catholic teachings concerning sexual ethics are explicitly affirmed. Arguments that appeal to revealed truth (that is, religious arguments) and philosophical arguments are put forward. According to the Declaration, the moral order is objective and unchanging. The Declaration asserts that our sexuality is a very important factor which shapes our lives. The Vatican believes that moral corruption is increasing and thinks that sexual matters have invaded entertainment and education. This has led people to become confused about what is right and wrong when it comes to sex. The Declaration goes on to claim that the origin of moral principles can be found in human nature itself. These moral principles may be known through reason alone, via natural reflection of human nature, or through divine revelation. The declaration proceeds to assert that sexual relations are only appropriate within the confines of marriage. Furthermore, according to the Declaration, all sexual relations should be designed to produce children. Finally, the document 1
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proceeds to argue that premarital sex, homosexual behavior, and masturbation are immoral. As I stated at the beginning of this essay, there are weak arguments in the Vatican's
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SamplePaper - A SAMPLE OF AN A PAPER Sexual Morality Last...

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