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Phil 1010 Grading Grid for First Essay NAME GRADE N/A YESNO Necessary Requirements for Passing the Assignment 1. Do you appropriately cite any direct quotations? 2. Do you appropriately cite any paraphrases or summarizing? 3. Do you appropriately cite sources other than the article? Do NOT use any other sources 4. Does your essay address the assigned topic or article? Necessary Requirements for Grade of "C" 5. Did you turn in the essay on or before the due date? xx 6. Is your essay the assigned length? Approx 300 words 7. Do you correctly identify who is making the argument you critique? 8. Do you provide premises for every conclusion you draw? Other Requirements 9. Do you clearly state your thesis in the Introduction? 10. Do you limit your scope in the Introduction? 11. Do you mention the author, article title in the Introduction?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Do you discuss the assigned argument(s) in the article? 13. Do you explicitly state the conclusion of the argument(s)? 14. Do you correctly standardize the argument, including any sub-arguments 15. Do you paraphrase more than you directly quote? 16. Do you clearly discuss the argument(s) 17. Do you disagree with at least one part of the argument you discuss? 18. Do you evaluate the argument(s)? a. Perform the True Premises test? b. Perform the Good Form test? determine whether deductive or inductive determine whether cogent or sound explain whether and to what extent the argument(s) pass(es) GF 19. Do you make any factual errors? 20. Do you misuse any key terms? 21. Do you make fewer than three grammatical errors? ....
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