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PHILOSOPHY 1010 ESSAY 2: GUIDELINES & GRADE SHEET NAME CLASS DAY & TIME GRADE Yes No Partial Necessary Requirements for Passing the Assignment 1. Do you appropriately cite any direct quotations? 2. Do you appropriately cite any paraphrases or summarizing? 3. Do you appropriately cite sources other than the article? Do NOT Use 4. Does your essay address the assigned topic or article? Necessary Requirements for Grade of "C" 5. Did you turn in the essay on or before the due date? 6. Is your essay the assigned length? 1200 words 7. Do you correctly identify who is making the argument you critique? eg, be sure not to attribute an argmt to someone who is actually refuting it later, or to someone who is merely reporting an argumt by someone else 8. Do you provide premises for every conclusion you draw? Eg, do you justify how you classify and evaluate the argument Other Requirements 9. Do you clearly state your intentions in the Introduction?
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