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Phil 1010 Essay One Instructions Compose a 300 word essay on an argument given to you from the excerpt. Do not to use any outside sources . If you do use such sources, and do not properly cite them, you will fail the course (not just the assignment). So it is best to refer only to your assigned excerpt and the textbook, both of which can be properly cited simply by the page number in parentheses. I. Introduction: A. Put your Name and the Name of your Grad Coach on the first page of your Blue Book. B. Give your paper a title that identifies your topic. C. Mention that you are writing on the article (give title), by author (name author) D. Give a brief summary of one to three sentences of what the overall article is about. E. Limit your scope by mentioning that even though there are many arguments in the article, you are going to focus solely on one (the one given to you on the day you write the essay in class) F. Give a brief summary of one to two sentences of that argument. G. Include a clear statement of what you will argue for and how you will argue for it. This is called a
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