Chapter8 Summary - Chapter 8 Summary Quality Management Key...

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Chapter 8 Summary: Quality Management Key Terms 5 whys- a technique where you repeatedly ask the question “why” (five is a good rule of thumb) to help peel away the layers of symptoms that can lead to the root cause of a problem. Acceptance decisions- decisions that determine if the products or services produced as part of the project will be accepted or rejected. Appraisal cost- the cost of evaluating processes and their outputs to ensure that a project is error-free or within an acceptable error range. Benchmarking: a technique for quality improvements by comparing specific project practices or product characteristics with other projects and products within or outside the organization. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) - a process improvement approach that provide organizations with the essential elements of effective processes. Cause-and-effect diagrams- diagrams that trace complaints about quality problems back to the responsible production operations to help find the root cause. Also known as Fishbone or Ishikawa diagrams. Conformance: delivering products that meet requirements. Control chart: a graphic display of data that illustrates the results of a process over time. Cost of nonconformance-
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Chapter8 Summary - Chapter 8 Summary Quality Management Key...

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