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Work Breakdown Structure Template for Speaker Insulation Prepared by: Micky Vukovic Date: February 24/2008 1.0 Checking the feasibility 1.1 Contacting the Customer 1.1.1 Understanding their process 1.1.2 Asking for drawing Specifications Tolerances 1.1.3 Asking for u current sample part 1.2 Determining Materials 1.2.1 Research 1.2.2 Testing Sound proof test Fire proof test 1.3 Approving the Project 1.3.1 Making a Cost Estimate Meeting with Management 1.3.2 Approving the Customer Financing 2.0 Ordering from Suppliers 2.1 Getting Materials 2.2.1 Fiberglass 2.2.2 Foil 2.2 Getting the tooling 2.2.1 Research
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Unformatted text preview: Determining number of parts on the tool 2.2.2 Shopping 2.2.3 Buying Press Tool Water Jet Tool Check Fixture 3.0 Creating a Process 3.1 Choosing a Press 3.1.1 Determing which press to use 3.2 Cutting the part 3.2.1 Determing which water jet to use 3.2.2 Programming the water jet 3.3 Choosing the Packaging 3.3.1 Research 3.3.2 Shopping 3.3.3 Buying 4.0 Shipping Parts 4.1 Receive a Purchase Order 4.2 Making parts 4.2.1 Customer Part Approval 4.2.2 Customer documentation Approval 4.3 Finding Courier 4.3.1 Research 4.3.2 Shopping 4.3.3 Buying...
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WBS_Speaker.rtf - Determining number of parts on...

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