syllabus - FIN 4504, Sections 2173 & 2174: Equity and...

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FIN 4504, Sections 2173 & 2174: Equity and Capital Markets Fall 2009 Instructor: Aaron Gubin Office: Stuzin Hall (STZ) 315A Office Hours: Tuesday, Periods 7-8 (1:55 3:50); Wednesday, Period 4; or by appointment * Office Telephone: (352) 392-4668 Email: Lecture Schedule: Section 2173: Monday, Wednesday, Periods 7-8 (1:55 3:50) Section 2174: Monday, Wednesday, Periods 9-10 (4:05 6:00) Lecture Location: Matherly Hall (MAT) 16 Course Website: Course Overview and Objectives FIN 4504 provides an in-depth discussion of fundamental principles related to equity securities and options for both institutional and individual investors. Objectives of this class include understanding (a) how security markets function, (b) what influences a stock’s rate of return, and (c) how to develop investment strategies. Though we consider the viewpoint of corporate investment professionals and institutional equity money managers at times, the primary focus in this course centers on personal financial decisions related to picking stocks and/or equity mutual funds. With the general trend towards defined contribution pension plans in the U.S., most of us will be forced to choose from an array of investments including stocks, bonds, money market funds, and mutual funds. As we move through the material in this course, it’s a good idea to ask yourself, "How would what we’re talking about in class affect my real-world investment portfolio?" It is important to be skeptical about investment advice that you read in the popular press. There is a litany of gurus and investment strategies out there with lots of people trying to make commissions off your investment dollars. One ancillary goal of this course is that you be able to understand and critically evaluate investment advice from brokers and the financial press. Course Prerequisites You are officially required to have taken FIN 3403. Some of the topics in FIN 4504 are simply more detailed discussions of the material you covered in FIN 3403. In fact, you may want to review your notes on CAPM in Brigham and Houston’s Fundamentals of Financial Management . Prior to taking this course, you must be familiar with (a) the structure of basic financial statements, (b) basic statistics such as mean, variance, standard deviation,
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syllabus - FIN 4504, Sections 2173 & 2174: Equity and...

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