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ENT 100 2009 Title: Name:___________________ TERM PAPER GRADING SHEET Points per criterion: Very good (9) outstanding (10 (9-10) Good exceeds requirements (8) Adequate, meets requirements (7) Poor, below standard (5-6) Failing, negligent (0-4) CRITERIA SCORE COMMENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Content (50%) a. Topic _______highly original, good, unacceptable b. Bibliography _______excellent, don’t follow required format no bibliography, sloppy few citations, no citations trivial or inappropriate _______excellent, illogical topic order illogical statements or ideas don’t follow required format, no title _______excellent, thoughtful thorough accuracy lacks substance, repetitious major omissions, errors little information, much padding
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Unformatted text preview: _______creative & critical, faulty rhetoric criticalness little or no interpretation dubious information accepted uncritically Total Content Score_______--------------------------------------------------------------II. Writing Craft (50%) a. Focus _______thesis weak/undeveloped repetitious unfocused introduction, weak conclusion unbalanced vague, inappropriate title b. Paragraph & _______paragraphs: too short, too long sentence structure sentences: too short, too long mixed topics, run-on sentences c. Vocabulary, style, _______cliche speech, inappropriate word use grammar weak transitions, lacks polish punctuation errors, wordy d. Readability _______ e. Overall Quality _______ Total Writing Score_______-------------------------------------------------------------------III. Comments YOUR OVERALL TOTAL_________ GRADE__________...
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