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Great Directors: HITCHCOCK. FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE [Summer II 2007] R. Worland Below is an outline of material that will be covered on the final. The exam will consist of short answer and essay questions based on readings, screenings, and lectures. Note the outlines I put on the board for each film and/or the analysis of film clips. Strangers On a Train Psycho Lamb to the Slaughter (TV) Rear Window Vertigo Rope Old Business: Examples of… Pure cinema o Rope the scene when we watch the maid clear the table, based on the screening which positions us as an audience to sympathize with the killers, even though there is speaking it is insignificant o Strangers on a Train ??? o Rear Window the scene that introduces L.B. Jefferies is a pan of his apartment including his broken camera, cast with name written on it, outrageous pictures on the wall, and the image of him in a wheel chair; careful tom scene and Lisa’s nightgown o Vertigo the scene when Scottie is following “Madeline” from the flower shop, to the cemetery garden (Carlotta Valdez), the art museum with the portrait of Carlotta holding the flowers, ending at the golden gate bridge where he saves her o Psycho Marion is packing in her room to run away with the money, wearing her bad black underwear, the suitcase full of clothes, money on the bed which she keeps eyeing (mental debate), the mirror shows she has two sides at the moment, and the bathroom shower behind her is a precursor to how she is going to die Technique o mise-en-scene all visual device, everything the camera sees as in lights, set design, costume, camera movement and angle , staging, and props/décor o montage a series of edited shots that compress space and time; shower scene from Psycho; o Motif a significant and repeated element used through out the film; the Mirror in Psycho, Slaughter of the Lamb, Vertigo ; Birds in Psycho, Slaughter of the Lamb, Vertigo ; the rope and books in Rope ; cameras and lens in general for Rear Window ; Colors and production design in Vertigo o Long take Rope
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Common Hitch Themes (see below). ***POINT OF VIEW is one of the most crucial issues in Rear Window, Vertigo, and Psycho. Significant POV shifts from the protagonist to some one else occur in each of these films. How do these particular instances affect OUR perceptions or evaluations of the respective protagonists? POV Rear Window The scene in which the childless couple learns their dog has been killed. Their reaction is deliberately disproportionate to the death. Then at the send of the scene you notice that everyone has is at his window looking down into the yard, except Throwall. This is the only point when the film changes POV by taking the camera outside of Stewart’s apartment the whole scene is more objective. POV Vertigo
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Final Exam Review - Great Directors: HITCHCOCK. FINAL EXAM...

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