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Mid-term review - Great Directors: HITCHCOCK. Midterm STUDY...

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Great Directors: HITCHCOCK. Midterm STUDY GUIDE [Summer II 2007] Worland Below is an outline of material that will be covered on the midterm. The exam will consist of short answer and essay questions based on readings, screenings, and lectures. You will also write one essay analyzing a film clip that will be screened during the exam. Note the outlines I put on the board for each film and/or the analysis of film clips. The 39 Steps Theatricality: (role playing; theatrical metaphors, etc.) Reality vs. illusion. Pamela turns in Hanney to the spies that she believes to be cops The film begins and ends at the theater; with mister memory a shot is fired, and hanney is there for both Another performance is done by Hanney puts on a performance to pretend he is a political figure Innocent man wrongly accused Hanney is wrongly accused of killing Mrs. Smith and is sought by the police, who force him to embark on a madcap journey and to trust a new relationship with a dubious blonde. Marriage /Relationship conflict The farm couple is on example of messed up relationship. The husband has taken his young wife away from the big city and the handsome character that sleeps at their home for the night takes her aback. The ending of the movie is close up on Hanney and Pamela holding handing but he still has hand cuffs on which is used as a symbol of marriage There is also the villain in the film is a man with a family, whose wife appears to know about his double life and what bad things he has been up too. Shadow of a Doubt From the double sequence of shots of (uncle Charlie and young Charlie; introduced in exactly the same sequence of 7 shots including movements and angles) he explores the moral links between a psychopathic killer and the innocent niece who is named for him. The story is intrigued by the association between wickedness and goodness that the two Charlie’s represent in some part of every human being, while inhabiting the same world. Things are not as they seem Uncle Charlie is not as he appears to be. On the train the Santa Rosa he acts as if he is sick and as he exits the train he is weak but one the family comes around he has energy back. Terror in Everyday life
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Mid-term review - Great Directors: HITCHCOCK. Midterm STUDY...

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