chapter12lec - Chapter 12 Kennedy Lyndon Johnson Nixon Ford...

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Chapter 12 Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter John Fitzgerald Kennedy Self-Selected President? Didn’t wait for turn via party system Conventions likely to ignore him Took a new path Used charm Money on primaries in small states First slogan at the convention “The New Generation Offers a New Leader” Selected LBJ as running mate Balance ticket Kennedy’s vision of the Executive Opinion of the Cabinet “Cabinet meetings are simply useless” “Why should the Postmaster General sit there and listen to a discussion of the problems of Laos?” Meeting for only symbolic reasons Preferred Small group meetings Modern era of presidential communication Organizing the White House Eisenhower vs. Kennedy Football team vs. Basketball Team Did away with Chief of Staff … Kennedy would be the hub of a wheel for his white house with a small circle of advisers reporting directly to him Impact of Kennedy? Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis Bay of Pigs JFK took full public responsibility What is the real problem here? Cuban Missile Lessons learned Kennedy, Congress, and Civil Rights 1 st president in 100 years to serve in both houses of Congress Won by a narrow margin Frustrate policies What did Kennedy do in 1960-61 for Civil Rights? Pressured federal government to hire more minorities FBI hires 48 blacks
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The Assassination Group did a good job However Warren Commission rules Lone Gunman Lots of conspiracy theories No one really knows what happened, and if they do, they are either dead or not talking My Point – the important thing to remember about it is that we really don’t know… many of us have strong opinions about it, but its still just best guesses… Lyndon Johnson Master of the Senate Keeps JFK’s cabinet for 13 months Then starts to replace with own appointees Regular meetings with Cabinet Problems Organizational Style Kennedy staff was waiting a decent time before leaving LBJ building his own staff 2 parallel staffs for 1 st year of his presidency His personal style determines approach 1964 Civil Rights Act For 70 years after withdrawal of Union troops from South in 1876, no civil rights legislation by Congress CR acts of 1957 and 1960, historic, but little substance mostly because of Southern Democrats
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chapter12lec - Chapter 12 Kennedy Lyndon Johnson Nixon Ford...

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