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Antonio Spano 12413 Golden Knight Circle Apt. 104 Orlando, FL 32817 November 22, 2990 Emily Gay Cornerstone Lab Instructor Introduction Dear Ms. Gay, The intent of this letter is to inform you of my experience as a member of the Cornerstone service learning project. My tenure during the Cornerstone course at the University of Central Florida resulted in a colossal gain of knowledge and appreciation on my end. The service learning project is an experience that will long allow me to implement the skills I learned as I begin my march into the business world. Identically, those particular skills I ascertained also landed a permanent fixture into my mindset; allowing me to utilize the experience in my every day life. For instance, I learned how to cope with baseless matters accordingly. With failure comes success and although I was never a strong believer of this notion, the service learning project took my beliefs to heights not before seen in my point of view. Together, the A – Team, has taught each other significantly. I will begin to depict my experience to better inform you of what I gained. What I Learned About Teams and Teamwork Communication is the key to success and can not be stressed enough. Dr. Ford communicates to you, Emily Gay, who then transpires that same information to the service learning project teams. Those
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team members then work together in communicating that information to make sure each goal and task is implemented correctly. Poor or rickety communication between any two parties will result in considerable damage to the overall project. The A - Team is excellent communicators and has mocked this excellence throughout our project. Rather if be calls, e-mails, text messages, telegrams, Morse code or satellite signals; the A – Team constantly found ways to share delegate information. Consistency in communication is just as important as communicating itself. We notify each other more than once on what needs to be done and we continue to excel in this aspect. Good communication also results in excellent teamwork. Teamwork derives from communication and is the foreground of a team’s success. There must be a willingness to work together as a team or the information we communicate with each other simply has no demeanor. I can call Rachel Bullis and ask her to pick up ice for our event, but if she is unable to do it
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Business Letter - Antonio Spano 12413 Golden Knight Circle...

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