Guidelines for Project Initiation Blueprint

Guidelines for Project Initiation Blueprint - Cornerstone...

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Fall 2009 GEB 3031 Project Initiation Blueprint Project Initiation Blueprint Guidelines Purpose: This writing assignment is the backbone of the students’ projects. It will require students to understand and utilize skills in teamwork, communication, negotiation, and planning. Students will take knowledge of SMART Goals and develop the components that will lead to quantifiable success in their team project. Assignment: SMART Goal Statement Form Due Date: September 15, 2009 Points: 50-Points Content: Complete the Project Initiation Blueprint by developing one project goal that meets all of the SMART criteria. Include at least three supporting SMART objectives that will enable you to meet this goal: Begin by drafting the following items according to assignment instructions below Statement of Purpose (business writing component) SMART Goal (must meet all SMART Criteria) Print out and complete the following documents found in your text and on my webcourses site: Worksheet for Identifying Project Objectives The 10 Worst Things That Could Happen Print out the following document from your lab instructor: Client Agreement Form (word process and get client signature as described below) Assemble all word-processed items into one document stapled in the upper left- hand corner (no folders please). No hand-written assignments will be accepted. (SMART Goal and Objectives definitions and examples below): Assembling your Project Initiation Blueprint (under team cover sheet and stapled) 1. Your completed Project Initiation Blueprint will include to a 2-3 page Statement of Purpose. The Statement of Purpose outlines your team’s commitment to your project. Your team’s Statement of Purpose will include: Your team’s motto and why you chose this motto A description of the elements of the project that most appeal to your team; why do you feel committed to this project? If this was not among your first choices for a project, explain how your team will motivate itself to meet the challenge at hand. Your team’s initial impression of your client and how you feel that your team
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Guidelines for Project Initiation Blueprint - Cornerstone...

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