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man3025 Fall 2009 syllabus0 - MAN 3025 Management of...

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MAN 3025 Management of Organizations Fall 2009 Wednesday 6:00- 8:50 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION INSTRUCTOR: Dean Cleavenger, Ph.D. OFFICE: College of Business Administration – BA1 333 PHONE: 407-823-3624 E-MAIL: GA MAIL: OFFICE HOURS: Monday 10am-12pm Class GTA: Mrs. Kimberly McDonald Wednesday 5-6pm E-mail: Other times by appointment WEBSITE: E-Mail Policy: Please note that I will NOT be able to check my courseware e-mail. If you need to contact me personally, please do so by writing me at my professional e-mail (listed above). I respond to all e-mails quite promptly. As a general rule, contact my GA, for answers to your questions. She can help you with most matters. This allows me to focus my time on those matters most important to my lecture performance. COURSE INFORMATION LOCATION: BA1 107- all students are welcome to attend lectures at this time. Those who cannot or choose not to attend lectures can view the video stream of lectures live or recorded approximately 1 hour after the broadcast is completed. * If you cannot access this course via WebCT, the video streams will be available at . REQUIRED MATERIALS: (1) Management, Custom Edition for UCF. Pearson Publishing (isbn: 0-555-054403 ) (2) Strengthsfinder 2.0. Tom Rath ; Gallup Press (isbn: 978-1-59562-015-6). You may purchase this book from the campus bookstore or from a bookseller of your choice for a nominal price. Note: You do not have to purchase this book new so that it includes the unique access code to the strengthsfinders 2.0 assessment and website (code is valid for one user only). (3) Fish: A Remarkable Way to Boost Moral and Improve Results. Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen; Hyperion , NY (isbn: 1
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0-7868-6602-0). You may purchase this book from the campus bookstore or from a bookseller of your choice for a nominal price. PREREQUISITE: Junior Standing COURSE OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this course are to: (1) present an overview of the world of work; (2) introduce you to both the theory and practice of managing; (3) provide a working knowledge of current management issues; and (4) set forth a skill and attitude set to enable you to survive and prosper in today’s business climate. As part of the BE2000 curriculum, this course will also give you the opportunity to improve your skills in the four BE2000 competencies: teamwork, communication, creativity and adapting to change. This is a 4 credit hour course scheduled to meet as a 3 credit hour course. Therefore, it is my responsibility to provide you with materials (lectures, assignment, readings) sufficient to justify this additional credit hour. I will plan these activities in advance, but you should expect responsibilities beyond what is covered in course lectures. LECTURE OBJECIVES:
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man3025 Fall 2009 syllabus0 - MAN 3025 Management of...

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