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Unformatted text preview: MAN 3025 Study Guide A manager is someone who coordinates and over sees the work of other people, so that organizational goals can be accomplished. First line managers manage the work of non-managerial employees who typically are involved with producing the organizations products or servicing the customers. (I.E Christina to me) Middle Line Managers include all levels of management between the first level and the top level of the organization. (I.E Lenny to Christina) Top Managers are responsible for making organizational wide decisions and establishing the plans and goals that affect the entire organization. (I.E Mike Cramer to Lenny) Management involves coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others, so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively. Efficiency is getting the most output from the least amount of inputs . (I.E. Getting a lot work done [output] with few employees [inputs]. Like 6 am stock.) Effectiveness is often described as doing the right things that is, doing those work activities that will help the organization to reach its goals. (I.E. Selling additional items to guests.) Management Functions 1. Planning defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans to coordinate activities. (I.E. How many backpacks we need to sell and how we are going to promote them.) 2. Organizing determining what needs to be done. How it will be done, and who is to do it. (I.E When Kelly told me to clean out strollers and what goes in what bins and where the bins go.) 3. Leading Motivating Leading and any other actions involved in dealing with people . (I.E When Im bored in strollers the manager says to clean and greet guests instead of just being bored.) 4. Controlling Monitoring activities to ensure that they are accomplished as planned. (I.E. I check CDS to make sure people are on register and got breaks.) Managerial Roles 1. Interpersonal: a. Figurehead Symbolic, obligated to perform social duties (I.E. Shop Stewards) b. Leader Motivate Subordinates (I.E. Christina and her crazy stories) c. Liaison Intermediary for world outside company. (I.E. Susie) 2. Informational: a. Monitor Organizational information of company (I.E. Doing the night reports) b. Disseminator Tells big wigs what little people say (I.E. Requests to get A/C in Pins) c. Spokes Person Transmits info from up to little people. (I.E. They want us to Smile more) 3. Decisional: a. Entrepreneurial Innovative ideas for organization (I.E. Reorganizing stock room) b. Disturbance handler...
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MAN_3025_Study_Guide__1[1] - MAN 3025 Study Guide A manager...

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