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CH3DebitsandCreditsMultipleChoiceSolutions - Chapter 3 1...

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Chapter 3 Debit/Credit Questions and Solutions 3131 Intermediate Accounting I 1. A company received cash in exchange for issuing stock. This transaction: a. increased assets and increased equity b. increased assets and increased liabilities c. increased assets and increased revenues d. increased assets and increased expenses 2. A company purchased office supplies on account. This transaction: a. increased assets and increased equity b. increased assets and increased liabilities c. increased assets and increased revenues d. increased assets and increased expenses 3. A company performed services for a customer on account. This transaction: a. increased assets and decreased equity b. increased assets and increased liabilities c. increased assets and increased revenues d. increased assets and increased expenses 4. A company paid cash for employee wages. This transaction: a. decreased cash and decreased expenses b. decreased cash and increased liabilities c. decreased cash and decreased revenues d. decreased cash and increased expenses 5. A company paid cash for an amount owed to a creditor. This transaction: a. decreased cash and decreased expenses b. decreased cash and decreased liabilities c. decreased cash and decreased revenues d. decreased cash and increased expenses 6. The owner of a business paid cash from his personal checking account to purchase an automobile for his personal use. This transaction: a. decreased cash and increased expenses b. increased a liability account and increased liabilities c. increased assets and increased owners’ equity d. is not a transaction recognized by the business 7. Which type of account is increased when a company records a debt? a. expense b. retained earnings c. liability d. asset 8. The payment of an amount owed to a creditor would: a. increase assets b. increase liabilities c. decrease net income d. decrease liabilities Page 1 of 11
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Chapter 3 Debit/Credit Questions and Solutions 3131 Intermediate Accounting I 9. The payment of salaries to employees would: a. increase assets b. increase net income c. increase liabilities d. decrease stockholders’ equity 10. When a company performs a service and immediately collects the cash from the customer, which of the following would occur? a. net income would increase b. expenses would decrease c. assets would decrease d. stockholders’ equity would decrease 11. Purchasing supplies and paying cash for them would: a. increase total assets b. decrease total assets c. have no effect on total assets d. increase total liabilities and stockholders’ equity 12. Paying a utility bill would: a. increase expenses b. increase liabilities c. increase owners’ equity d. decrease revenues 13. Borrowing money from the bank by signing a note payable would:
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CH3DebitsandCreditsMultipleChoiceSolutions - Chapter 3 1...

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