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For each account listed below: 1) put a check mark in the appropriate column to indicate if an account is increased by a debit or by a credit. 2) put a check mark in the appropriate column to indicate if an account is a Real (Permanent) or Nominal (Temporary) account. Debit Credit Permanent (Real) Temporary (Nominal) 1. Cash 2. Sales Revenue 3. Commissions Expense 4. Advertising Expense 5. Salaries Payable 6. Prepaid Insurance 7. Property Tax Payable 8. Property Tax Expense 9.
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Unformatted text preview: Dividends 10. Interest Revenue 11. Salaries Expense 12. Commissions Revenue 13. Unearned Rent Revenue 14. Equipment 15. Note Payable 16. Building 17. Accounts Payable 18. Supplies on Hand 19. Accounts Receivable 20. Common Stock 21. Retained Earnings 22. Mortgage Payable 23. Note Receivable 24. Bank Loan Payable 25. Audit Fees Incurred 26. Paid in Capital 27. Accumulated Depreciation 28. Fees Earned 29. Utilities Expense 30. Utilities Payable...
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