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j alfred prufrock - Kristin Killmeyer Intro to Critical...

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Unformatted text preview: Kristin Killmeyer Intro to Critical Reading Whitney 9-17-09 Analysis of a Love Song Before I analyze this poem by picking out certain lines or words, I first want to give my over-all thoughts and basic analysis on the whole poem. I thought this was a beautiful monologue by a man, J. Alfred Prufrock, who struggles within himself about whether or not he should talk to a woman he fancies. Prufrock makes note of his inadequacies and flaws and suggests that others will, too, make note of them, as he is middle aged. His insecurities are matched with the securities he has had in his life; knowing days and nights and the people he sees in them. He is wholly aware of the universe and the decisions made within, and with those decisions come revisions that time makes. Prufrock is a very analytical man, himself. His thoughts (Eliot’s words) are not random; several meanings can be inferred from specific lines. In the lines that I was assigned, the basic message is that this man debates whether or not he will, in fact, proposition the woman, but realizes that he is too afraid to do so. In the beginning lines of my assigned stanzas (“Shall I say…leaning out of windows?”), where Prufrock ponders how to start a conversation with the woman in question. If Prufrock were to actually say these lines to the woman, I believe his intention would be that, before he met her, he used to be one of those lonely smoking men. Though now, after meeting her, he walks those narrow streets, recognizing that he is no longer one of them. Of course, since he hasn’t introduced himself to her, he is left with himself and his thoughts. The next lines of the poem (“I should have been a pair of ragged claws / Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.”) suggest that, as he thinks of what to say to her, he shoots down whatever hope he...
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j alfred prufrock - Kristin Killmeyer Intro to Critical...

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