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negative news assignment - To From Subject Date Due Date...

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To: ENG 155 Students From: Professor Hedges Subject: Negative News Letter Date: Tuesday, Feb. 24 Due Date: Tuesday, March 3 The purpose of this assignment is to practice delivering a negative news letter. This particular letter is in reference to Steve Martin. In order to write the letter, you’ll need to know more about Mr. Martin and his particular situation: Mr. Martin is a thoughtful and productive software engineer. He was schooled and trained by the best universities and companies. Mr. Martin currently works for IBM but desires to relocate to the Myrtle Beach area. Mr. Martin currently works on special projects for IBM. His work is often done at home with little supervision. Mr. Martin has never been in the position of a team leader or supervisor. Mr. Martin has a close friend in upper management at English 155 Limited, which is an educational resource company, who suggested he apply for a position with English 155 Limited. Mr. Martin would be in charge of the team that designs software products and web-based instructional tools if he is named the Executive Software Supervisor.
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