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notes for satire - 1 At the end of the book what does...

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1) At the end of the book, what does Candide want to do instead of listen to Pangloss make sense of their adventure? (Cultivate the garden) 2) In 'A Modest Proposal', what are some of the reasons why teenagers will not suffice in Swift's plan? (The flesh is generally tough and lean, taste is disagreeable, bordering upon cruelty) 5) In chapter 9 of Huck Finn, Jim and Huck come across a house floating on the river with a dead man inside. Who is the dead man later revealed to be? 6) What embarrassing and painful injury does the Old Woman in Candide reveal? (Syphilis) 7) What are 3 figurative devices which satirists use? 8) In Horace's second satire on bad men who try to avoid vices, what does he claim that those men end up doing? 9) In Candide, from where does Candide get his sheep? In Candide, what happens in Lisbon to cause the auto-de-fe? (Earthquake) 10). In Huck Finn, what does Miss Sophia ask Huck to go back to the church to retrieve? 11). What was the name of the utopian society that Candide and Cacambo visited? (El Dorado) 12) Name at least two differences between the works of Horace and Juvenal. (Horatian – playful, gentle, mild, light-hearted humor, wit, exaggeration, sympathetic, criticize vice in society. Juvenalian – darker, ironic, sarcastic, humorless, pessimistic, correct an evil in society) Satire as genre: 1) In 'Huckleberry Finn', does Huck's age help or hinder the satire? Does innocence hurt his credibility? Or is his logical thought convincing enough
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2) What does the audience need to do for satire to work? (Recognition of the continuing existence of different levels of meaning,
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notes for satire - 1 At the end of the book what does...

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