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satire exam essays

satire exam essays - compassionate caring citizen concerned...

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Kristin Killmeyer Satire Exam 10-19-09 Section 1: 2. In the eyes of society, Huck Finn was an outcast because he had a drunk for a father, no mother around, lacked manners and education, hung around with wannabe criminal friends (Tom Sawyer), later hung around with a black slave (Jim), he had no real sense of honesty, and he does not attend church. Section 2: 1. At the very beginning of the piece, Swift is trying to portray himself as a very
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Unformatted text preview: compassionate, caring citizen, concerned with the welfare of the lower class Irish. As you continue reading, you realize that somebody who suggests eating children is not a very caring person. But Swift’s whole point is that, since the lower class don’t mean much to society, there shouldn’t be a problem with consuming them; they’re just in the way anyway....
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