Protists - Protists Outline General Biology Evolution...

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Protists Outline – General Biology Evolution Diversity Green Algae Red Algae Brown Algae Diatoms Dinoflagellates Euglenoids Zooflagellates Pseudopods Ciliates Sporozoans Slime Molds Water Molds General Biology of Protists Protists are classified in the domain Eukarya and the kingdom Protista. Most are unicellular, but have achieved a high level of complexity. Vary in size from microscopic to 200m Asexual reproduction is common, but sexual reproduction can occur when the environment becomes stressful. Spores-resting cell Cysts-dormant cell with protective coat Origin of Eukaryotic Cells
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Endosymbiotic Hypothesis: Mitochondria and chloroplasts were once free living -Nucleated cell engulfed aerobic bacterium which became its mitochondria -Nucleated cell engulfed cyanobacterium which became its chloroplasts Evolution of Protists Complexity and diversity of protists makes them difficult to classify. Cannot be classified as plants, animals, or fungi. Has been suggested protists could be split into as many as a dozen kingdoms, your book groups them according to modes of nutrition. Diversity of Protists Algae - cannot be plants because they do not develop from an embryo as ALL plants do Green Algae Green algae (phylum Chlorophyta ). Not always green (orange, red, rust). Mostly unicellular, but not always (seaweed) Chlamydomonas Unicellular, freshwater, 25 µm Has cell wall, single cup-shaped chloroplast containing a pyrenoid a dense body where starch is synthesized and a red pigmented stigma (eyespot) 2 long whiplike flagella project from anterior end Usually reproduces asexually via mitosis Forms spores and zoospores when growth conditions are unfavorable. Spirogyra
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Protists - Protists Outline General Biology Evolution...

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