Lecture 4 - February 12

Lecture 4 - February 12 - o Unconscious – not on your...

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Lecture 4 PSY 257 February 12, 2009 Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality Sigmund Freud - trained in natural sciences/physician - grew up in mid-1800s Vienna - socially constrained, sexually repressed culture - introspective, conducted “self-analyses” Freud’s Theory - Instincts/Drives/Wishes/Desires - Evolutionary idea: pass on our own genes - Sex: associated with reproduction/pleasure - Aggression: territory, access to reproduction, resources - Instinctual impulses: not necessarily conscious, our “animal heritage” - Levels of Consciousness: The Topographical Model o Conscious – what’s on your mind now o Preconscious – not on your mind, but easily accessible
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Unformatted text preview: o Unconscious – not on your mind, only accessible through indirect means, shameful and disturbing thoughts, surreal and hallucinatory-The unconscious o Proof of this influence seen in verbal slips o Spoonerisms o Shock and Sex Study 3 groups of participants • Situation causing anxiety about shock • Situation causing anxiety about sex • No anxiety about either one of the above Had to silently read pairs of words on computer screen, then read them outloud Condition 1 – made twice as many shock-related slips at C2 Condition 2 – made twice as many sex-related slips as C3...
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