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Lecture 5 - February 17

Lecture 5 - February 17 - Lecture 5 PSY 257 Freuds...

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Lecture 5 PSY 257 February 17, 2009 Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality: The Unconscious: a) Proof of it’s existence a. Verbal spoonerisms: verbal speech mistakes are motivated by our psychological states, others are just mistakes. See previous lecture b. Dichotic Listening Task “Throwing Stones at Bank” i. Here things in both ears, subjects told to focus on only information in one ear and ignore the other ear. Played stories about boy throwing stones at a bank. Told its important to do well at task, will be asked questions after listening. ii. In other ear, presented with biasing words like river or financial. People then asked questions about story. Most people, if they heard something about money in the other ear, said it was a financial bank. If they heard something about water, said riverbank. iii. Yet when asked, didn’t remember anything about other ear. iv. Evidence we can process information without being conscious of it.
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