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Lecture 11 - March 10

Lecture 11 - March 10 - Lecture 11 PSY 257 According to...

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Lecture 11 PSY 257 March 10, 2009 According to Rogers Healthy person has a self-concept structured so that they have: - Congruence between self and experience - Openness to experience - Lack of defensiveness Defenses and pathology - Rationalization: we create a seemingly logical explanation for our behaviors and feelings to justify what happens. - Fantasy: when the reality of our experiences is different from our own self-concept. Retreat into our imaginations. - Projection: we project our own unacceptable feelings or behaviors on other people. All defenses serve the individual dealing with an incongruence via denial of awareness or distortion of perception. GET LAST LINE FROM LECTURE NOTES (relation between self-concept and actual experience Empirical research associated with Roger’s theory Assessment: 1. Semantic Differential a. Rate concepts on several dimensions i. I am…… ii. Ideally, I’d like to be…. 2. Q-Sort a. Sort cards b. Forced normal distribution
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