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Lecture 20 - April 16

Lecture 20 - April 16 - L ecture 20 PSY 257 Kellys Personal...

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Lecture 20 PSY 257 April 16, 2009 Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory - The human as a scientist Constructive Alternativism - There may be an objective truth but we cannot know it – we can only construe it - There are alternative ways to construe the same event - We should play with “make-believe”, check the “what-ifs”, try alternative constructions and see where they lead you or whether they fit Process/Motivation - Pull Theories (or carrot theories) o People motivated by external reinforcers, rewards, and punishments (behaviorists) - Push Theories o Internal drives/motives that push or propel the person forward (psychoanalytic theories) - Kelly: Neither (jackass theory) o Organism is always active: cognitively active – always processing information Range of Convenience: - i.e., application of a construct: in what range of contexts can I apply this construct - Anxiety= recognition that event lies outside the range of convenience of my construct system - Threat = awareness of imminent comprehensive change in core constructs. We don’t like it when our constructs get disconfirmed Dynamics of Functioning:
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